Easter Tribute to Spain’s Fallen COVID-19 Oil on Canvas Painting

The human spirit fights and persists despite formidable odds. In this pandemic, countries such as the USA, Spain, and Italy have suffered great loss of lives from COVID-19.

In Spain, over 23,000 people have died because of COVID-19 as of this writing. It’s clearly a dreadful and heart-wrenching historical moment in Spain’s history. Globally, this pandemic infected over 3 million people with over 208,000 deaths; however, over 876,000 people have recovered.

Despite the lock-down, Spaniards celebrated Easter from their homes by watching last year’s Easter parade, and singing from windows during the holy week. This is a clearly a strong testament of their believe in God and Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

Collectively, the human spirit inspired me to paint this oil on canvas. I was inspired to paint this Easter egg and flower as a tribute to Spain’s fallen from COVID-19, which highlights the country’s red, yellow, and red flag. In the oil on canvas painting, I also painted a white dove carry a single olive branch, which will symbolize peace, long-life, and renewal going forward into 2021 and beyond.

Artist: Outarow Chhuong
Title: “COVID-19 Easter Tribute to Spain”, 2020
Dimensions: 16” W x 20” H
Media: oil on canvas
Style: abstract expressionism
Certificate of Authenticity: verisart.com (Added to Verisart blockchain)
Asking: Please contact me if you want to buy this original oil painting with cryptocurrencies. I’ll provide the corresponding crypto addresses. We also accept bank wire, cash, and Venmo.
Shipping and handling: No cost
Frame type: Includes floating frame

“COVID-19 Easter Tribute to Spain” oil on canvas abstract painting by Outarow

Source: Wikipedia