Generative AI Art “Love Affair with Cars”

I found myself staring at a car in a parking lot as I wondered what it meant. Stupid question, right?

Even as I thought this to myself, my phone was buzzing with requests from friends who were asking me to look at the car they just bought.

So what is it about cars that are so darn appealing? The answer: the freedom of expression.

A car says everything about who you are and what you want to be. You can’t tell that story without the car.

It’s an extension of yourself and your lifestyle.

You can make it your own by choosing the color, tuning up your engine, or just dreaming about it since you’ll never be able to afford it in reality anyways.

Recently, my father drew a simple drawing of people and their love of cars both old and new models using color markers. I thought it was an interesting artwork; I offered to enhance it using an AI generative framework.

The result was amazing! To achieve these results, I gave the AI art generator these criteria: banksy style, cubism, and oil on canvas